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The College of Arts & Sciences prepares students to lead and minister in the marketplace.

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Ashley Spegal

Business Administration
Class of 2012

quotationI'm excited to see where this change will take us as a Christian university. I feel like when I leave NCU, I will feel greater pride to say where I graduated from, because of this exciting change. 'I graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences at North Central University, with a Business Administration Major.' Now, how great does that sound? end quotation

"The vitality and effectiveness of the church's mission in the world depends upon the whole people of God becoming representatives of Christ in every sphere of society. Christians are not merely to be morally upright people or productive citizens of an earthly society, but God's representatives wherever they live and work - the citizens of an eternal kingdom. The church's mission belongs to every Christian, right where we are." Dr. Jeffrey Greenman, Professor of Ethics at Wheaton College.

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910 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Del Kingsriter Center #205
7:30 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday
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(612) 343-4140
Daniel Nelson, PhD, LP


Weinhold, Gail

Assistant Professor, Education
(612) 343-4733
Miller #203

Nelson, Daniel

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Professor, Psychology
(612) 343-4787
Del Kingsriter Center #205

Volpe, Angela

Social Work Program Director
(612) 343-4791
Del Kingsriter Center #Suite 205


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