Site Internship Learning Agreement

We understand that the student has been called to this site to serve and to learn. This commitment to enhance the student’s undergraduate education is primarily for the purpose of acquiring the best training possible in preparation for effective service. North Central University and this organization are united in this enterprise of practical and theological education.

  • We plan to work together in accordance with the design listed herein, with the understanding that it may be adjusted from time to time by mutual consent and with the approval of NCU’s Internship Director.
  • The on-site supervisor and the intern will hold regularly scheduled weekly sessions for the purpose of evaluation, reflection, and sharing of concerns and prayer.
  • We understand that should problems arise we will contact the Internship Director at NCU immediately.
  • This organization, the intern, and North Central University may terminate this agreement through mutual consent.
Contact Info
Dates of Internship
Learning Agreement Details

Please provide the weekly schedule if the following format: Monday - 3 hours, Tuesday - 0 hours, Wednessday - 5 hours

(camps, mission trips, after hours events, etc.) Please provide the weekly schedule if the following format: Event Name - 3 hours, Event Name - 6 hours

(In addition to those outlined in the course syllabus)

Submission of this form indicates acknowledgement of and agreement to the policies, procedures, and requirements of NCU’s Internship program.