Site Internship Mid-point Evaluation

Evaluation is a growth-oriented, cooperative process that takes place between the internship supervisor and the intern. Based on the initial Internship Learning Agreement, please identify and discuss the strengths and weaknesses related to the ministry of the intern. After discussion with the intern, return this completed form to the Director of the Youth development Studies Program at North Central University.

Contact Info
Learning Agreement

Reflect on the primary assignment including the specific goals for the Intern. Indicate whether the objectives are being met, not met, or surpassed.

In areas where the Intern indicated a desire for personal growth, what has happened? Is progress being made?

Evaluate the skills exhibited by the Intern. Have you seen growth taking place?


On the basis of your interaction with the Intern, please respond to the following:

Ability to Communicate

Sensitivity to personal/professional values

Evaluation of mutual commitments

Have you shared openly about your experiences and views with the Intern? Have you felt free to be candid with the Intern about his/her professional effectiveness?

Submission of this form indicates acknowledgment of and agreement to the policies, procedures, and requirements of NCU’s Internship program.