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Since the foundation of the North Central Bible Institute in 1930, preparing and training ministers for service has been the core of who we are. As the school's programs and offerings have expanded over the years and a world-class university was formed, our commitment to ministry remains just as strong. The establishment of the College of Ministry provides for continued growth and development of these programs as we embrace our responsibility to raise up and send out the next generation of leaders answering God's call to vocational ministry.

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Levi Kooistra

Pastoral Studies
Class of 2011

quotationIt's amazing to see what God is doing at North Central. I'm excited to see and hear about the world-changing ministry that is going to come out of the College of Ministry. With a much clearer focus for the different majors, I think students are going to be able to receive a more focused education for their specific passion and major. end quotation


910 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
College of Ministry
8:00 am to 4:30pm
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(612) 343-4100
Marlana Wenzel



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Paino, Tracy

Dean, College of Ministry
Interim Director, Center for Pastoral Ministries
Founder, Center for Youth and Leadership
(612) 343-4100