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The Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology offers innovative programs that are inquiry-based and integrate content with pedagogy.

Programs Offered:


The mission of the mathematics program is to prepare mathematically-minded Christians for graduate education and careers in mathematics, applied mathematics, education, business, risk analysis, economics, and other related areas by providing a well-rounded curriculum in pure and applied mathematics.

Computer Science:

The mission of the computer science program is to prepare collaborative and innovative Christians for careers as software developers, systems analysts, programmers, developers, administrators, and other related fields by providing a strong scientific and theoretical foundation, intensive programming experience, applications with systems, databases, security, and communication, as well as internship opportunities in local industry. 

Computer Information Systems:

The mission of the computer information systems program is to prepare cutting-edge Christian leaders for careers as IT managers, project managers, business application programmers, database administrators, systems analysts, and other related fields by providing a strong foundation in business and project management, a theoretical framework and broad practical skills in databases, systems, networking, security, communication, as well as internship opportunities in local industry.


910 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Kingsriter 203

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(612) 343-4748
Leslie Bluto



Title 4 Year Plan Credits
Accounting and Finance 124
Computer Information Systems 124
Computer Science 124
Interdisciplinary Studies View 124
Mathematics 124


Title Credits
History 18
Mathematics 21
Pre-Law 18

Other Programs

Title Credits
Air Force ROTC / Army ROTC TBD
Associate of Arts 62-64

Supporting Programs

Title Credits
History 24


Davenport, John

Chair, Department of Mathematics & General Studies
Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
(612) 343-4182
Del Kingsriter Center #203E


General Information

Use this course rotation as a rough guide to help you prepare for your advising meeting.

Note: Mathematics and Math Education majors should check with their advisors each semester regarding math offerings since these programs are still in a state of development!