Graduate Studies Course

GLE500 Spiritual Leadership (3 Credits)

This introductory course explores the principles of leadership in both the cultural and spiritual areas. Various traditional, contemporary, and holistic models are surveyed, including the roles and responsibilities of spiritual leaders and their impact on the communities they lead. Particular attention is given to the development of the leader with an emphasis on character, style, spirituality and growth. Dr. Gordon Anderson will fill the course with his materials on Leadership from a Biblical perspective along with personal testimonies and experiences.

Course Objectives

  • Communicate a comprehensive view of God and His glory
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Authority of God and the work of His Kingdom
  • Articulate God's overarching purposes
  • Discuss how God is working in the world through leaders of all types (spiritual, political, business, communal)
  • Comprehend and discuss the disciplines required to be Godly leaders
  • Articulate the path they are on toward owning and walking in their mission, identity, and inheritance in Christ