Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many credits are in the M.A. in Strategic Leadership?
     A: The program consists of 10 courses each worth 3 credits a piece, so 30 credits.

Q: When do classes meet?
     A: Working to fit your schedule, Fall and Spring classes meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:15pm.

Q: When are the first and last days of the fall semester?
     A: The start date is Wednesday, September 02, 2015. The last date is Monday, December 14, 2015.

Q: What university fees should I be prepared to pay?
     A: There is a technology fee of $59 for all Graduate Studies students, and $80 online course fee for all online classes. There will not be parking or student services fees at this time.

Q: What about the cost of textbooks?
     A: Textbooks are required, and cost varies course to course.

Q: Is the course syllabus available?
     A: The course syllabus will be provided to students the first day of classes.

Q: Who will be teaching the courses?
     A: Professor profiles can be found under the faculty tab in the Graduate Studies section of the website 

Q: Where are classes held?
     A: Fall and Spring courses are held exclusively on campus, while summer classes take place online.