School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

General Information

The School of Social & Behavioral Sciences exists:

  • To provide a broad, theologically enlightened educational foundation for students entering the social and behavioral sciences
  • To prepare department graduates for further educational training and/or immediate employment in the field
  • To serve as a resource to the NCU community in relation to the field, and
  • To facilitate the development of students as they grow into the calling of Christ for their lives.

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910 Elliot Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Kingsriter Center, Suite 205
Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 4:00
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(612) 343-4140
Anna Fratzke



Title 4 Year Plan Credits
Alcohol & Drug Counseling View 124
Psychology View 124
Social Work View 124


Title Credits
Alcohol & Drug Counseling 18
Psychology/Pastoral Care 18
Sociology 18

Other Programs

Title Credits
Alcohol & Drug Counseling Certificate 18

Supporting Programs

Title Credits
Psychology for Non-Psychology Majors 24
Psychology-Graduate School Preparation 24


Nelson, Kari

PsyD, LP Professor, Psychology
(612) 343-4788
Del Kingsriter Center #205

Nelson, Daniel

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Professor, Psychology
(612) 343-4787
Del Kingsriter Center #205

Volpe, Angela

Social Work Program Director
(612) 343-4791
Del Kingsriter Center #Suite 205

Brown, Beth

Social Work Field Coordinator, Assistant Professor
(612) 343-4792

Jewett, Ronald

Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
(612) 343-4789


Career Placement

NCU's Job Posting Database Website for Students and Alumni. Quick access at:


ADC internship syllabus - ADC 488

Psychology internship syllabus - PSYC 488

Resources - Social Work

Link to

Also known as the Social Work Field Manual.

In the spring semester of their junior year, social work majors will meet individually and collectively with the NCU Field Work Coordinator. During this meeting students will receive information regarding how to choose a placement site along with a current list of potential internship sites.

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Student Organizations

Follow these links to learn more about the international honor society in psychology.  The first link is to the national web page.  The second link is for Psi Chi on campus at NCU.

Follow the link to view information about the Social Work student organization.