Graduation Requirements

The following are required for graduation:

  • Satisfactory completion of 124 (or more) credits for a Bachelor’s Degree; 90 credits for a Diploma; 62 credits for an Associate of Arts Degree; and 31 credits for the One-Year Bible or Music Evangelism Certificate. Special requirements for each program are listed by the department offering the degree.
  • A minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 (“C” average) is required for all degree, diploma or certificate candidates, except for the Education majors, who must earn a minimum 2.2 GPA.
  • For a person to receive a diploma, degree or certificate, 27 of the final 33 credits must be taken in residency at North Central University.
  • All students must meet faculty standards regarding Christian character and conduct. Conduct judged unworthy of the standards of Christian conduct at NCU will be deemed sufficient cause for removing a student’s name from the annual graduation list.
  • All candidates for the One-Year Bible or Music Evangelism Certificate, Associate of Arts Degree, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree must file an Application for Graduation with the Registrar’s Office by October for both December and May graduation (See current Student Guide for exact dates) of the academic year in which they plan to graduate.
  • Students must meet the prescribed standards of assessment as established by the faculty.
  • All graduation requirements must be completed before a student may participate in commencement activities or a degree awarded.
  • All students must successfully complete four semesters of required ministry involvement. See the Ministry and Volunteer Coordinator for specific information and for special rules for transfer and older students.

A student will receive a December graduation date if course work is completed in the fall semester. The May graduation date exists for students completing their coursework in May. All graduating students are encouraged to participate in the annual Commencement ceremonies held in May. A student will receive a July graduation date if coursework is completed in the summer semester. 
    A student is subject to the academic requirements of the catalog for the year in which enrollment first occurred. If a student changes majors or leaves the University and is later readmitted, the academic requirements that are in effect at the time of the change or readmission must be met.

Graduation Honors

Graduating students who have completed no less than 45 credits of work in residence at North Central University will be awarded graduation honors based on cumulative grade point average as follows: 3.80-4.0, Summa Cum Laude; 3.65-3.79, Magna Cum Laude; 3.50-3.64, Cum Laude. Honors are based on the cumulative GPA after the semester preceding graduation. However, the final cumulative GPA will be used in the calculation of honors indicated on the diploma and permanent transcript. 
A student must attend North Central full time five or more semesters to be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian honors.

Residency Requirements for Final 33 Credits

In order for a student to receive a diploma, degree or certificate, 27 of the final 33 credits of the program must be taken in residence at North Central University. Correspondence coursework through Carlson Institute does not meet residency requirements.