College of Ministry Internship: Part One

ITRN 491
Internship – Ministerial
Internship Prep
Junior status & Internship Student Application approval required.

The first part of four 3-credit courses that make up the College of Ministry Internship requirement.  An internship is an experiential learning opportunity. The College of Ministry student is required to complete a total of 12 credits of internship experience.  The 12 credits are divided into four 3-credit courses which may be taken concurrently in one semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer), grouped equally as two 6-credit semesters, or taken over four consecutive semesters. The student will commit to participate with an experienced professional or organization in their chosen field of church ministry, service, or community leadership.  The internship church, ministry, or organization shall provide the student with the experience and application of theories, ideas, and expertise accumulated through textbooks, classroom learning, and observation during their undergraduate studies.