TJ Jones Information Resource Center

North Central’s library is named in honor of Rev. T.J. Jones, an early Pentecostal Bible teacher whose life demonstrated the importance of reading and study. Rev. Jones donated a large portion of his own personal library to give North Central its first library collection.

The Information Resource Center (IRC) is located on three floors of a historic colonial style building. The facility provides research and study areas for both individuals and small groups. The IRC houses the archives of the university as well as special collections which help fulfill the university’s mission statement. These collections are the Pentecostal Studies Collection, the David Irwin Islamic Studies Collection, and the Leadership Collection.

To fulfill its mission to support the curriculum of the university, the IRC provides users with many different access points to knowledge, from traditional resources (books, magazines, and newspapers) to electronic resources (videos, DVDs, internet access, e-books and full-text researchable databases). Desired materials not held by the IRC can be easily obtained from other libraries by using the services of the Interlibrary Loan department.

Open 80 hours a week, the IRC is staffed by full-time librarians and staff who are eager to help empower students with research skills to achieve their educational goals and become lifelong learners.