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Air Force ROTC

Through an agreement, North Central University students may enroll in aerospace studies at the University of St. Thomas. Air Force ROTC is an educational and leadership program designed to prepare students for commissioning as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force. Courses include AERO 111 Air Force Today—U.S. Air Force Mission and Organization, AERO 211 Development of Air Power-Air Power/Military History, AERO 311 Leadership and Management—Learning to be a Leader and AERO 411 National Security—Its Policy and Officer Responsibilities. Students may enroll in the four-year program any time up to fall semester of their sophomore year, with freshman and sophomore classes adding two hours of coursework each week. No obligation is incurred by enrolling in the undergraduate courses and credit is earned. To enroll in the two-year program, students must preregister in spring semester of their sophomore year. Scholarships are also available. For more information, contact the Department of Aerospace Studies, University of St. Thomas at 651.962.6320.

Army ROTC The department of Military Science at the University of Minnesota conducts the Army ROTC program to prepare men and women as officers for the Regular Army, National Guard and Army Reserve. In addition to instruction in military fundamentals, this program develops the leadership skills essential to serving as an officer and civilian leader. Military Science courses are offered in two and four-year sequences that students complete concurrently with coursework required for earning a North Central University degree. Students register and earn academic credits for Army ROTC classes through University of Minnesota College of Extension. Students in any academic major may enroll in Military Science. Students may either enroll in a two-year or four-year program. Two, three and four-year scholarships are available. For further information contact the Army ROTC:

University of Minnesota Department of Military Science 108 Armory Building 5 Church Street SE Minneapolis, MN 55455 612.624.7300

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