Air Traffic Control (Applied Studies)


Students enrolled in this program will earn a BA/BS in Applied Studies: Air Traffic degree from North Central University. Plus, students will simulateously earn an AAS from Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

The Air Traffic Control Training program will prepare you in skills related to the aviation industry and to meet minimum standards for eligibility to enter the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic control career field. You will start by learning basic aviation terms and how weather conditions are applied and interpreted in the aviation environment. Additional coursework will teach you to use the necessary rules and procedures to direct the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic in the different air traffic facilities in the National Airspace System, including terminal and en route center environment. You will study valuable human factors related to the career field and learn individual and group problem-solving techniques during complex air traffic control exercises. These will enable you to make sound decisions no matter what the situation. You will receive extensive hands-on training to operate the computer and radar system in use today by the National Airspace System. This is an FAA-approved Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) program specifically designed to offer students foundational air traffic control training and general aviation education.

Where You Could Work

  • Government & Military Aviation Facilities
  • Airports
  • Regional & Major Airlines

Potential Job Titles

  • Tower Air Traffic Controller
  • Radar Approach/Departure Controller
  • En Route Air Traffic Controller
  • Air Traffic Control Specialist


Part 1. General Education Core
Part 2. Biblical Studies Core
Part 3. Applied Area & General Electives
65 Credits