Applied Studies: Cinema Screenwriting


Students enrolled in this program will earn a BA/BS in Applied Studies: Cinema Screenwriting degree from North Central University. Plus, students will simultaneously earn an AAS from Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

The Screenwriting Program teaches students how to develop, write, rewrite, analyze and “cover” screenplays of all kinds, including those for television, documentaries and advertising.  You will master the intricate art of combining powerful images and inspiring dialogue, and grow as an innovative screenwriter by telling exciting stories in your unique voice.  By the time you complete the degree, you will be ready to address issues related to dramatic and nonfiction screenwriting, as well as underlying business and legal aspects.  The program provides an interactive learning environment wherein you share your ideas and your scripts and get feedback in a workshop setting.  You will collaborate with Directing and Producing students to get your work produced.  You will have the opportunity to meet and work with local writers, producers, and guest lecturers from around the country, as well as pitch your finished scripts to professionals from Los Angeles to New York.

Where You Could Work

  • Local and national film and video production houses
  • Local and national independent producers
  • Independent home video distribution companies
  • In-house production departments within corporations
  • Local and national film studios
  • Local and national television, cable stations, and networks
  • Local and national advertising agencies
  • Freelance work

Potential Job Titles

  • Screenwriter
  • Script Analyst
  • Script Reader
  • Script Consultant
  • Production Assistant
  • Independent Producer

Program Courses for Current Students

Course Listing