Associate of Arts, Church Leadership Concentration


60 Credit Hours
Center for Pastoral Ministries
Tracy Paino, Director

The Associate of Arts in Church Leadership is designed to meet the needs of those who are interested in serving as leaders within the local church.  Whether one is preparing for full-time, part-time, or volunteer ministry in a congregation, the AACL provides a general education overview, Biblical knowledge, leadership principles, and church leadership skills. Additionally, it meets the educational recommendations for “Certified Minister” credentials with the Assemblies of God.


Part 1. General Education Core (30 credits)
Communications (3 credits)
PRAC 252 Homiletics I (3)
Fine Arts (2 credits)
Select one:
General Studies (1 credit)
Global Awareness (3 credits)
Historical Perspective (3 credits)
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English (3 credits)
Select one:
Math (3 credits)
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Science (3 credits)
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Social Relations (3 credits)
Ministry/Community Projects
PRAC 201-202
Part 2. Biblical Studies & Theology (12 credits)
Critical Thought Elective (3)
Part 3. Church Leadership Concentration (21 credits)
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