Business Administration


124 Credit Hours
School of Business
William Tibbetts, Director

The mission of North Central University’s Business Administration department is three-fold: 1) provide students with a relevant business education emphasizing the importance of values, ethics, and character; 2) develop the administrative skills and abilities of future business leaders; and 3) prepare professional leaders for a life of ministry either as marketplace missionaries or in traditional ministry vocations.

In practice, this means that a NCU Business Administration education is built on a foundation of management theory, economics and finance. In addition, students receive the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with the practical training needed to succeed in today’s competitive business market.

All students in the North Central business program also receive 27 credits of Bible and theology training. We believe this enhances their spiritual preparation for a life of serving God in secular or Christian employment.

The Twin Cities metropolitan area is home to 14 Fortune 500 companies, including Target, 3M and U.S. Bancorp. Our location in the heart of Minneapolis offers students many opportunities for jobs, internships and on-site training. Upon graduation, Business Administration students will be prepared for careers in business, finances, banking, church administration and international business.


Part 1. General Education Core
Part 2. Biblical Studies Core
Part 3. Business Administration Major
54 Credits
Part 4. General Electives - Including Bachelor of Arts Degree Option
11 Credits