Contemporary Christian Music


20 Credit Hours
School of Worship Arts
, Chair

The supporting program in Contemporary Christian Music is designed to prepare students to demonstrate ability in functional contemporary Christian music, performance and interpersonal skills with specialized emphasis in the gospel music tradition. The student will develop and perform concert/church ministry repertoire (including original music composition), speak effectively in the concert/church setting and understand the business component of the music ministry. Students will demonstrate a personal Christian lifestyle congruent with their performance, communication and organization, public relations ability and time and financial management. This is a major specific supporting program. Student must be enrolled in the corresponding major.

  • Students must be in at least one ensemble each semester.
  • Students must enroll in Recital Performance Class each semester.
  • Students must take an applied lesson in their primary instrument each semester.
  • Students must enroll in Conducting Lab each semester.
  • Students must be enrolled in a piano lesson every semester until proficiencies is completed.

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