Evangelism & Church Planting


124 Credit Hours
Center for Pastoral Ministries
Tracy Paino, Director

Students who complete the Evangelism and Church Planting major will be prepared to lead people in personal evangelism, crusade evangelism and church planting. Students can choose their own “area of ministry,” selecting an emphasis from the following areas:

  • Child evangelism;
  • Youth evangelism;
  • Minister of evangelism with a local church;
  • Crusade evangelism;
  • Church planting;
  • Campus evangelism.

Students will be trained in the following:

  • Effective evangelization and follow-up;
  • Principles of effective communication;
  • Discipleship;
  • Mentoring and leadership development;
  • Leading practical evangelistic outreach;
  • Principles of church planting.

The following elements will aid graduates of the Evangelism and Church Planting major in carrying out their leadership role. They will:

  • Understand historic and contemporary theology;
  • Study the Bible and effectively practice and communicate its truths in today’s world;
  • Be familiar with the history, practices and beliefs of the Assemblies of God;
  • Understand the operation, administration and organization of the local church, including the unique role of the lead pastor;
  • Know and practice the mission of the Church;
  • Be aware of the legal aspects of pastoral ministry;
  • Practice personal spiritual formation in regards to character and responsibility.

Gain pastoral skills including:

  • Preaching and teaching;
  • People skills and interpersonal relationships;
  • A sincere desire and the ability to help and minister to all people of any age, socioeconomic background, cultural or ethnic group;
  • Evangelism and discipleship;
  • Pastoral counseling;
  • Leading the comprehensive program of a local church community;
  • Conducting special services in the context of their biblical background including communion, baptism, funerals, weddings, baby dedications and installation of officers;
  • Developing a meaningful devotional life;
  • Maintaining a healthy personal and family life;
  • Serving as a model of consistent Christian character and lifestyle;
  • Possessing financial, administrative and other leadership skills.

Through classes common to all majors in the department, students will:

  • Proclaim God’s Word accurately and effectively;
  • Actualize their God-given gifts;
  • Prepare for practical ministry in the local church;
  • Broaden their perspective of missions at home and abroad.

All students must complete the General Education Core and Biblical Studies Core. In addition, all Evangelism and Church Planting majors are required to complete the Church Ministries Core and Evangelism and Church Planting supporting program. A student may add general electives or select an optional minor may be selected. Total credits hours to complete the Evangelism major must equal at least 124 credit hours.

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