General Education Core


This component is designed to give the student a broad-based education essential to any graduate regardless of vocational interests.

  The General Education Core curriculum is required of every graduate in the Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs. It represents a foundational course of study considered essential for an educated person regardless of profession or career. It is broad-based and is designed to give the student an awareness of the major elements of human existence and an appreciation of the different academic disciplines that study human existence in this world.     When the General Education program has been completed, it should be possible for the student:

  • To communicate clearly and effectively.
  • To relate the present to the past through an understanding of the historical process.
  • To demonstrate expanded perceptions of life with refined aesthetic sensibilities.
  • To develop and maintain a practical wellness model for living.
  • To utilize a systematic approach to examine nature and solve quantitative problems.
  • To apply analytical and critical thinking skills to problem solving in a disciplined and imaginative way.
  • To observe and interpret human behavior within the milieu of social and cultural diversity.
  • To acquire foundational knowledge of Bible content and develop a basic research methodology for biblical research.
  • To integrate his or her faith in God with the information learned.
  • To understand that all truth is God’s truth.

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