Intercultural Studies


The mission of the Department of Intercultural Studies & Languages is to prepare students to love both God and others, extending God’s Kingdom incarnationally across all barriers (ethnic, racial, economic, gender, generational) focusing on unreached peoples and the oppressed and impoverished urban and rural poor.     ICS students gain self-understanding, global awareness, missional passion & strategy, effective research, communication and teaching skills through integration of theory and practice learning as they serve in ethnic communities both local and international.    ICS alumni work in a wide range of careers: international & U.S. missions, international education, the local church, urban ministries, not-for-profit organizations, child welfare ministries and international relief development. Graduate study for ICS alumni has successfully included: intercultural studies, TEFL, theology, linguistics, social work, organizational leadership, education, public health, marriage and family counseling and individual counseling.

The ICS Department presents students with curricular programs designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Students will gain a greater understanding and love for God, others, and themselves;
  • Students will gain a broader understanding of the world, becoming successful language and culture learners through integrating theory and real world experience in intercultural service learning settings;
  • Students will gain a biblical, theological, historical, strategic and practical understanding of world missions, developing the ability to share the Good News, disciple, and mentor others;
  • Students will become skilled communicators in their own culture and be able to effectively live, research and communicate across cultures.

Tracks in the Intercultural Studies major: Intercultural Studies (ICS) majors may select one of the six tracks below as part of their ICS program:

  • Business as Mission Track
  • Children and Youth in Crisis Track
  • International Development Track
  • Islamic Studies Track
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Track
  • World Missions Track

For a complete description of the tracks see below.

Program Courses for Current Students

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