Interdisciplinary Studies


An Interdisciplinary Studies major allows a student to meet his or her career goals, or plans for graduate school or seminary, by selecting two complementary "fields" of study.  These two fields together provide a broad, unique, integrated background to learning.

When the Interdisciplinary Studies major has been completed, the student will:

  • Present employers with a unique, integrated, interdisciplinary basis for career development;
  • Have developed a sound basis for graduate seminary study, in courses tailored to their interests;
  • Naturally develop a leadership style based in multiple disciplines;
  • Meet the academic standards for an Army or Air Force ROTC commission, if desired;
  • Have the opportunity to combine ministry, through a field of study such as Intercultural or Pastoral Studies, with a "tent-making" career track such as Deaf Culture Studies or Communications;

Program Courses for Current Students

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