Music Evangelism


31 Credit Hours
School of Worship Arts
David Collins, Chair

It is the intent that, as a result of completing the Music Evangelism Certificate, students will have a foundation in practical academic and spiritual training for a career in music evangelism. Students are admitted to this program by audition only.

Practical academic training includes:

  • Basic music performance skills;
  • Knowledge of music and business;
  • Developing skills in a major instrument.

Spiritual training includes:

  • Gaining skills to be able to study the Bible;
  • Building Bible content;
  • Basic theological foundation.


Part 1. Required Program
25 Credits
Biblical Studies: (9 credits)
BIBL Bible Elective (3)
General Studies: (1 credit)
Music: (15 credits)
MUSL Major Instrument (4)
MUSL Minor Instrument (2)
Part 2. General Electives
6 Credits