Music Pastor


124-6 Credit Hours
School of Worship Arts
David Collins, Director

It is the intent of the Fine Arts department that as a result of completing the Worship Arts: Music Pastor degree, students will demonstrate a balance and ability in functional music skills, church ministry and administration to meet the changing needs of the music ministry of the church. Worship Arts: Music Pastor functions to support the value system of the church in its ministry to God, one another and the world, making the following music skills essential:

  • Practical application of written and aural music theory;
  • Conducting;
  • Worship leading;
  • Keyboard proficiency;
  • Pedagogical skills;
  • Use of multi-media and computer-related equipment;
  • Music and dramatic production;
  • Music composition and arranging;
  • Adaptation of music to indigenous cultures.

Worship Arts: Music Pastor is more than performance, it is ministry and therefore the following ministry skills are needed:

  • Prophet-bringing forth God’s Word through sacred music;
  • Evangelist-using music to reach the lost;
  • Pastor-being a disciple and discipling and caring for others;
  • Teacher—using music to teach the truths of God’s word;
  • Apostle—using music to help plant churches and/or further God’s work in other cultures.

Effective leaders need skills in the area of administration as follows:

  • Organization/time management;
  • Communication;
  • Delegation;
  • Public and staff relations;
  • Budget.

All students must complete the General Education Core and Biblical Studies Core. In addition, all Worship Arts: Music Pastor majors are required to complete the Worship Arts: Music Pastor Core and Worship Arts: Music Pastor Supporting Program. General electives may be added or an optional minor may be selected. Total credit hours to complete the Worship Arts: Music Pastor major must equal at least 124 credit hours.


Part 1. General Education Core
Part 2. Biblical Studies Core
Part 3. Music Pastor Core
40 Credits
MUS Ensemble Electives (4)
MUS 200^ Electives (3)*
MUSL Applied Music Lessons: Major Instrument (8)
MUSL Applied Music Lessons: Minor Instrument (4)
Part 4. Music Pastor Supporting Program
21 Credits
Select two (2 credits):
Part 5. General Electives and Bachelor of Arts Degree Option
6 Credits