Music Pastor


124-6 Credit Hours
School of Worship Arts
, Director

It is the intent of the Fine Arts department that as a result of completing the Worship Arts: Music Pastor degree, students will demonstrate a balance and ability in functional music skills, church ministry and administration to meet the changing needs of the music ministry of the church. Worship Arts: Music Pastor functions to support the value system of the church in its ministry to God, one another and the world, making the following music skills essential:

  • Practical application of written and aural music theory;
  • Conducting;
  • Worship leading;
  • Keyboard proficiency;
  • Pedagogical skills;
  • Use of multi-media and computer-related equipment;
  • Music and dramatic production;
  • Music composition and arranging;
  • Adaptation of music to indigenous cultures.

Worship Arts: Music Pastor is more than performance, it is ministry and therefore the following ministry skills are needed:

  • Prophet-bringing forth God’s Word through sacred music;
  • Evangelist-using music to reach the lost;
  • Pastor-being a disciple and discipling and caring for others;
  • Teacher—using music to teach the truths of God’s word;
  • Apostle—using music to help plant churches and/or further God’s work in other cultures.

Effective leaders need skills in the area of administration as follows:

  • Organization/time management;
  • Communication;
  • Delegation;
  • Public and staff relations;
  • Budget.

All students must complete the General Education Core and Biblical Studies Core. In addition, all Worship Arts: Music Pastor majors are required to complete the Worship Arts: Music Pastor Core and Worship Arts: Music Pastor Supporting Program. General electives may be added or an optional minor may be selected. Total credit hours to complete the Worship Arts: Music Pastor major must equal at least 124 credit hours.

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