124 Credit Hours
School of Music and Theatre
Larry Bach, Director

The Music major consists of faculty and curriculum designed to prepare the student as a functional musician and allow the student to pursue specialized areas of music such as Worship Arts - Music Pastor and Music and Music Performance.

The Music major will have the following functional music skills:

  • Practical application of written and aural music theory;
  • Conducting;
  • Keyboard proficiency;
  • Pedagogical skills;
  • Working with an ensemble;
  • Understanding music of other cultures;
  • Understanding the history of Western music;
  • Excellence in chosen performance.

The student selecting the Music major must select the music core and add a supporting program and electives, a minor and electives or the major core and music and general electives. All students must complete the General Education Core and Biblical Studies Core. Total credit hours to complete the Music major must equal at least 124 credit hours.

Program Courses for Current Students

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