Recording Artist


124 Credit Hours
School of Worship Arts
, Director

It is the intent of the Fine Arts department that as a result of completing the Worship Arts - Recording Artist degree, students will demonstrate an ability in functional music, performance and interpersonal skills. An effective performer must be a good musician with proficiency in the following music skills:

  • Practical application of written and aural music theory;
  • Keyboard proficiency;
  • Pedagogical skills;
  • Use of multi-media and computer-related equipment;
  • Music composition and arranging;
  • Excellence in a chosen performance medium, i.e. voice, guitar, etc.;
  • Adaptation of music to indigenous cultures;
  • Working with an ensemble;
  • Adaption of music to a variety of audiences

The student who has chosen the recording artist discipline should be prepared to:

  • Perform concert/church ministry repertoire;
  • Speak effectively in the concert/church setting;
  • Understand the business component of the music ministry;
  • Understand contemporary issues facing the church;
  • Build a framework for a philosophy of ministry

Performance includes working with people, therefore, the Christian who desires a life as a recording artist should demonstrate:

  • A personal Christian lifestyle congruent with their performance;
  • Communications and organization;
  • Public relations;
  • Time and financial management.

All students must complete the General Education core and Biblical Studies core. Total credit hours to complete the Worship Arts - Recording Artist major must equal at least 124 credits.

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