Recording Artist


124 Credit Hours
School of Worship Arts
David Collins, Director

It is the intent of the Fine Arts department that as a result of completing the Worship Arts - Recording Artist degree, students will demonstrate an ability in functional music, performance and interpersonal skills. An effective performer must be a good musician with proficiency in the following music skills:

  • Practical application of written and aural music theory;
  • Keyboard proficiency;
  • Pedagogical skills;
  • Use of multi-media and computer-related equipment;
  • Music composition and arranging;
  • Excellence in a chosen performance medium, i.e. voice, guitar, etc.;
  • Adaptation of music to indigenous cultures;
  • Working with an ensemble;
  • Adaption of music to a variety of audiences

The student who has chosen the recording artist discipline should be prepared to:

  • Perform concert/church ministry repertoire;
  • Speak effectively in the concert/church setting;
  • Understand the business component of the music ministry;
  • Understand contemporary issues facing the church;
  • Build a framework for a philosophy of ministry

Performance includes working with people, therefore, the Christian who desires a life as a recording artist should demonstrate:

  • A personal Christian lifestyle congruent with their performance;
  • Communications and organization;
  • Public relations;
  • Time and financial management.

All students must complete the General Education core and Biblical Studies core. Total credit hours to complete the Worship Arts - Recording Artist major must equal at least 124 credits.


Part 1. General Education Core
Part 2. Biblical Studies Core
Part 3. Music Core
41 Credits
MUS Ensemble Electives (4)
MUS 200^ MUS Electives 200 level or above (4)*
MUSL Applied Music Lessons–Major Instrument (8)
MUSL Applied Music Lessons–Minor Instrument (4)
*MUS electives–Choose from any 200, 300 or 400 level music courses with the exception of Applied lessons and ensemble electives.
Part 4. Christian Artist Core
20 Credits
MUSL Applied Music Lessons (2)
Part 5. General Electives - Including Bachelor of Arts Degree Option
9 Credits