124 Credit Hours
School of Music and Theatre
Larry Bach, Director

It is the intent that, as a result of completing the Theatre degree, students will be able to both perform in and direct theatrical productions with professional excellence and quality. Technical and performance skills will be honed with the intention of using drama as a tool for evangelism and edification.

Functional Drama Skills Effective Worship Arts: Theatre majors should have developed skills in the following technical areas:

  • Costume design;
  • Set design;
  • Lighting design;
  • Sound effects;
  • Publicity;
  • Stage managing;
  • Script writing;
  • Basic sewing skills;
  • Set construction;
  • Running a light board;
  • Running a sound board;
  • Technical directing;
  • House managing;
  • Script interpreting.

Performance Skills Worship Arts: Theatre majors should also have highly developed knowledge and skills:

  • As actors;
  • As directors;
  • In Christian, classical and modern repertoire;
  • Using drama as a tool for evangelization and edification.

Because theatre and communications directly influence people, this major is designed to equip the students to demonstrate:

  • Interpersonal skills that convey the love of Christ through drama;
  • Survival skills in traveling theatre;
  • Experience organizing an itinerary;
  • Ability to determine appropriateness of script for various audiences;
  • Making necessary script adaptations, considering effective Christian witness and the edification of the church;
  • A prayer and devotional life that puts God first in all endeavors;
  • Compassion for a lost and dying world;
  • An ability to use drama as a powerful tool to communicate Christian principles;
  • Meaningful ministry at the altar, including leading another person to Christ in that context;
  • Functioning effectively on the staff of a church as a communications expert;
  • The ability to motivate lay persons to participate in church ministry productions.

All students must complete the General Education Core and Biblical Studies Core. Total credit hours to complete the Worship Arts: Theatre major must equal at least 132 credit hours.

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