Student Teaching Abroad

Senior Education majors have the option of doing a portion of their student teaching experience overseas. NCU has a tradition of sending small groups of student teachers together to international schools approved by the Education department.  Approval depends upon the availability of liscenced teachers in the area in which the student needs student teaching experience.

Basic Information:

WHERE: Past overseas student teaching experiences have included the following schools:

WHAT: Complete a portion of your student teaching requirement in a cross-cultural setting.  The experience typically allows students to complete 5-7 weeks of their student teaching requirements.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Elementary and Secondary Education majors selected by the Education department

WHEN: Opportunities vary and require the approval of the Education department

CONTACT: Sharon Connor Department of Education, College of Arts and Sciences

More Information:

More about Grace Academy:

Students in the School of Education have the option of completing a portion of their student teaching requirement in Saipan.  This opportunity is a partnership between North Central University and Grace Christian Academy.

Founded in 1986, Grace Christian Academy is an ACSI accredited K-12 school that serves as a ministry outreach to the people of Siapan.  Saipan is an island in the western Pacific Ocean populated by native Chamorro, Philipino, Japanese, and Chinese settlers, as well as a small number of Americans.

Many, if not most, of the students at Grace Academy come from families that are not of the Christian faith.  Many parents are eager for their children to have an 'American' education and take the required subject of Bible and the general ethos of a Christian school to be part of that education.  For NCU student teachers, Grace Christian Academy presents both a cross-cultural teaching opportunity and an opportunity to share their Christian faith with their students.