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Best Semester Programs

These Best Semester programs are available to North Central University students through NCU’s membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.    Because these programs are not run by NCU, they are often more expensive, but if you have a specific goal in mind these exciting and wide-ranging programs can help you reach it.  NCU students study alongside students from other Christian colleges across the US.

Programs in the US

    Featured Overseas Programs

    Other Overseas Programs- Best Semester also sponsors programs to China, India and the Middle East but NCU students are encouraged to consider the NCU-sponsored programs to these countries instead. Find out more here about NCU semester abroad programs to: EnglandThailandChina, India and Egypt.


      Complete information about each program can be found here:


      Steps to Exploring Your Interest in a Best Semester Program:

      1. Select a program that fits with your personal and academic goals. Follow the links above to learn more about class offerings, application schedules and costs of each program.  Make contact with Best Semester directly through their website so that you will receive updates about the program in which you are interested.  Remember, you need to be a Jr. or Sr. by the time you study abroad.

      2. Email Vienna Lewin, Study Abroad Coordinator at NCU to set up an initial meeting to discuss your interest, the process involved, and to receive a Personalized Semester Abroad Academic Program Form.

      3. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss options for classes to take while studying abroad and complete the Personalized Semester Abroad Academic Program Form.  This step is essential to knowing whether a program will be a good fit for you, since being allowed to go on a Best Semester program is dependent upon making progress in your NCU degree with classes that fill requirements for your degree program (whether Gen Ed, Major/Minor or Electives).

      4. Make an appointment to discuss your Financial Aid situation.  Your financial aid options are dependent upon sucessful completion of the Personalized Semester Abroad Academic Program Form.

      5. Apply for the program of your choice through the Best Semester website.  Because Best Semester charges a $50 application fee, it is not recommended to apply before completing the Personalized Semester Abroad Academic Program Form.

      6. As part of the application process, the NCU Registrar will need to approve you for the program.  This approval is dependent upon completion of the Personalized Semester Abroad Academic Program Form.

      7. Once you are accepted, and pay your deposit, Best Semester will inform NCU and send a bill for your tuition and room & board.  These costs will be added to your student account and you will pay NCU for them.  Students are responsible for any additional costs such as travel and personal expenses.