Semester Abroad- Indian Cultural Studies Initiative

Program Information:

WHERE: The Indian Cultural Studies Initiative (ICSI) is based in New Delhi, India, and is partnership with Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM).

WHAT: NCU students will take Hindi language, Area Studies, and other ICS and online courses totaling 15 credits.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Up to 2 Jr and Sr students of any major, demonstrating interest and academic fitness. Tailored for ICS majors and Asian Studies Minors. Admission to this selective program is by application and interview for approval.

WHEN: Spring Semester each year.

CONTACT: Vienna Lewin, Administrative Assistant for the College of Missions at NCU.


More Information About This Opportunity:

Come experience India while earning credit towards your undergraduate degree, and be a light in a land that has far more unreached people groups than any other country in the world!

Located in the New Delhi metro area, the Indian Cultural Studies Initaitive (ICSI) gives students from Assemblies of God universities the opportunity to immerse themselves in cross-cultural life and advance in their academic studies. ICSI students will also have opportunities to teach English, reach out to university students, and minister to children in a region where far less than 1% of the population serves Christ. ICSI prepares students for lifelong, cross-cultural service whether in a business, teaching, or ministry environment. 

While this semester in New Delhi is tailored to meet the international experience requirements of the Intercultural Studies major, any NCU student may apply to participate. Opportunities may be avialbale to remain in India (or another Asian location) for the purpose of completing a summer internship. Internship opportunities vary and may be discussed with the program facilitator after the completion of the application process. 



Please fill out the checklistapplication, and three reference forms and return them to the College of Missions Administrative Assistant.

The 2015 deadline to apply for Spring 2016 is September 30, 2015.

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