Fine Arts Preview/Audition Weekend

02/22/2013 - 02/23/2013
Word and Worship Center

February 22 - 23 is the ONLY time during the spring semester to audition for a music or theatre scholarship.


Friday, February 22 will follow the schedule of past NCU Preview Days. Students will be able to attend a special seminar, chapel and lunch with the College of Fine Arts faculty and staff. Friday evening enjoy a concert featuring many of the ensembles available at NCU as well as a dessert reception allowing further opportunity for you to talk with faculty, staff and current students in the College of Fine Arts.

Saturday, February 23 will be set aside for the FINAL auditions of the year. Each audition will last approximately 1 hour and will include the student performance, an interview with faculty and the Theory Placement Exam. This exam must be taken to be considered for a scholarship. Students auditioning for a theatre scholarship are exempt from the exam unless they plan to major or minor in music.


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