1098-T Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my 1098-T?

NCU sends IRS Form 1098-T to students by January 31 of each year. You may submit a request for a duplicate copy of this form by completing the Request for 1098T form and submitting it to North Central Student Accounts office.

Where will my 1098-T be sent?

1098-T’s will be sent directly to the account holder’s priority mailing address. Most often this is a student’s NCU mailbox. If a student is uncertain as to their priority mailing address, they can contact the Mail Center at 612.343.4443 to confirm that information.

Who will receive the 1098-T?

Forms are sent out to student’s priority mailing address by January 31 of each year. 1098-T’s are by law, only sent to the account holder (student). Any parent looking for this information is advised to contact their student first, and then NCU.

Can I access this online?

Yes. A student may access their 1098-T information through their Unet account at www.northcentral.edu/unet and then going to Account Statements and Payments. After logging in, at the bottom of the screen will be a link titled “My 1098-T”, click on this link and you will be able to select which year’s information you would like to view.

Can I receive a second copy?

Yes. A second copy may be requested in person from the Student Accounts Office by the student only, parents looking for the 1098-T will need to have their student, or the account holder, make that request. Please allow 1-2 business days to process this request.