Academic Advising

  • Music, CCM, Performance, Worship Arts Music Pastor and Worship Leading Majors will be assigned a permanent academic advisor from the 6 full time music faculty.
  • Worship Arts Recording Arts Majors will have Steve Cook as their advisor.
  • Music Business Majors will be assigned between Steve Cook, Dave Pedde and Larry Bach.
  • Worship Arts Theatre Majors will be advised by Wayne Mathews.

Registrar's should inform you of your advisor within the first few weeks of the semester. You may also contact the Fine Arts Administrative Assistant to find out who your advisor is.

Ideally, music majors will meet with their advisor at various times throughout the semester. Students are responsible to schedule their own appointments with their assigned advisor.

Advising Chapel takes place sometime in October. This is a mandatory chapel. Each advisor will meet with all of their advisees at this time. You will sign up for a time with your advisor to plan your class schedule for the next semester. You must meet with your advisor prior to registration in order to actually register for classes.