Accompanists are piano majors and other pianists with adequate accompanying skills.

Piano majors are required to accompany two students each semester as part of their applied lesson requirement. Failure to fulfill this requirement and/or failure to adequately prepare the music will adversely affect the applied piano grade.

Each vocal and instrumental major will be assigned an accompanist under the supervision of Joanne Kersten. Returning vocalists and instrumentalists should keep the same accompanyist as the previous semester. If the accompanyist graduated please let your lesson teacher know and they will communicate this to Joanne Kersten. New students will be assigned an accompanists in the early part of the semester.

Vocalists and instrumentalists are responsible for getting the semester's music to their assigned accompanist within the first month of school. Copies of music can be made in the Fine Arts office for 10 cents a page. If an accompanist is not given adequate time to learn the music they can refuse to play.