Antioch Initiative Scholarships

The Antioch Scholarship Policy and Procedure

Application Process

Application forms may be picked up from the College of Missions Administrative Assistant, first floor of Liechty Hall or accessed online on the NCU College of Missions/ Resources website.

Reference Forms

Have two individuals (one NCU ICS professor; the other may be your pastor or adult mentor) fill out an Antioch Scholarship Reference Form. Have them send the completed form to the following address; or electronically to

Antioch Scholarship Awards

Attn:  Diane Campbell, Director

NCU College of Missions

910 Elliot Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN  55404



Applicants must be a currently enrolled NCU student and must be planning to spend at least one semester in a Semester Abroad program at an AGWM site, or they must enroll in ICS 4xx International Internship or TEFL xxx TEFL Internship to complete an internship under the supervision of an AGWM missionary or site supervisor within the Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim world.



Awards are considered annually and as funds are available. The deadlines for applications are as follows:

October 1st:               for Spring and Summer Semesters

            December 1st:          for Fall Semester


Scholarships to apply toward airfare (in amounts up to $2500) are awarded annually, on a competitive basis, to selected North Central University students who will spend time in a predominately Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim context through a study abroad or international internship experience.  


Award recipients must also apply and be approved by the AGWM MAPS student internship program before the scholarship will be administered to them.  Scholarship funds will be transferred to the student according to policy and procedure of AGWM and NCU.  

Student Selection Criteria:

·         Spiritual Maturity

·         Ministry calling / passion / vocation

·         Cross-cultural Affinity

·         Emotional Stability

·         Good Academic Standing

·         Financial need

Application Procedure:

·         Interested students may request an Antioch Scholarship Application from the ICS Administrative Assistant in the NCU College of Missions Administrative Office or online via the College of Missions website.

·         Interested students fill out the application and turn in to the Director of the Antioch Initiative by the deadline date.

·         Two references are required.

·         Students must then apply through the MAPS office in Springfield, MO

·         Application and references are received, dated and reviewed by the Antioch Initiative Director and Scholarship committee.

·         Student selection is made based on the above selection criteria.

·         The Director of the Antioch Initiative informs the appropriate Regional Director of the student selection providing a brief student bio and requesting scholarship funds on behalf of the student(s).

·         The AGWM Regional Director has the authority to make the final decision regarding granting the scholarship.


  • Please contact Diane Campbell for information regarding financial transfers of the scholarship to the student.