Apartment Community Fall Retreat

Date: October 11, 2013 - 1:49pm
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The first ever fall retreat for the newly established Apartment Community was a success. Over 35 students made the journey up to Camp Arrowhead in Deerwood, MN to enjoy a relaxing and fun weekend. The weather was lovely and the fall colors were just beginning to come out. The Apartment Community resident advisors helped make the meals and run different activities.


Students enjoyed board games, crafts, football, and card games. Since Camp Arrowhead is located on a beautiful lake, students also took advantage of swimming, canoeing, and paddle-boating. The fall retreat speaker was Chelcy Walker, Assistant Dean of New Student Programs and College Activities. The first night Chelcy shared three life lessons she learned during her time at North Central. The second night she spoke of the importance of testimony and had the group break off into groups to share and pray with one another. This retreat served as a small get-away from the chaos of school life and allowed our students to enjoy a great weekend with their community.