Battle of the Floors 2012

Date: February 27, 2012 - 11:45am
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This year, Battle of the Floors 2012 took place on February 25th. Over 600 students gathered together to participate in and watch students from every living area put on one of the most epic events of the year. Each year the theme for Battle of the Floors changes and this year was no different with Villians in Love. Nine villians encountered the love of their lives and worked through typical North Central pressures such as Ring by Spring, Welcome Week "speed dating", and the inevitable walk along the Stone Arch Bridge.

This event was judged by 10 staff and faculty members, specifically selected for their understanding of North Central student culture and the arts. The judges included English professor Gary Dop, Fine Arts professor Wayne Matthews and Resident Director for MOE, Jeremy Williamson and many more.

The competition was fierce and nearly every floor walked away with some prize, whether for costumes, script, originality or best dance. However, in the end, only 1 brother/sister floor could win - 3 West Carlson/4 West Phillipps/Zimmerman House took home the grand prize. Their interpretation of Ursula and the Titanic was captivating, and few will forget wthe explosion of steam as Ursula came on the scene to fight for Jack's heart.

The evening ended with brother/sister floors going to various restaurants in the Twin Cities to enjoy time a time of fellowship and reflect on their shared experience. As people were leaving the gym there were already rumblings of "wait until next year...", cementing the importance of Battle of the Floors in the fabric of the North Central Community.