Becoming a Tutor


So you're interested in volunteering as a tutor? A willingness to volunteer speaks volumes about your character and is important to the success of our program. We would like to congratulate you on taking the first step in becoming a member of our volunteer staff. Volunteering also provides you with the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others and that together, volunteers can change the world!

What's in it for me?

The Student Success Center is committed to developing all students for success, that includes you! We realize you wouldn't be volunteering if you were looking for compensation, however, we would like to point out some of the incentives that may be a benefit to you.

National Certification

The Student Success Center is a nationally certified tutoring program which means that those who complete its training program may receive a nationally recognized certification in tutoring. To become certified through the SSC and CRLA, participants must complete a minimum of 10 hours of training which is offered in a variety of formats throughout the year. At the completion of said training, tutors will receive a certificate of certification which will be a great addition to the individual's resume and professional portfolio for future employment opportunities.

Letter of Recommendation

At the end of your service to the Student Success Center, you will be given a letter of recommendation. This letter will detail the environment you worked in, the training you receive, and the number of hours you volunteered. This letter will make a great addition to your personal portfolio and should be a great benefit to you as you seek employment after graduation.

Valuable Work Experience

Volunteering as a tutor in the Student Success Center provides you an opportunity to put your education and training to use. This experience could prove to be invaluable as you ente the workforce.

Ministry Service Learning Credit

Volunteering may also qualify you for ministry credits. If you are enrolled in PRAC 203/204 your service in the Student Success Center can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Service Award

At the end of each school year, all tutors will receive a Service Award Certificate from Dr. Thomas Burkman, Dean of Academic Affairs, in recognition of your service in the Student Success Center. This will make a nice addition to your personal portfolio.

Personal Study Time

Occasionally there will be times when you are in the Student Success Center when there are no students who require your assistance. This "down-time" can be used to study or work on your own homework.

Connection to Resources

As a tutor we will inform you about the numerous resources available to students. Many of these resources are untapped by most students because they are unaware of them. These are meant to benefit the entire student body and now you will be in the know!

Requirements for Tutor Candidates

In order to ensure the highest levels of service we screen our tutors and require them to meet or exceed the following qualifications.

GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Available to tutor 2 hours per week (minimum).

Enthusiastic and supportive of the Student Success Center's mission and goals.

Application & Forms

If you are able to meet the qualifications listed above we encourage you to apply, by completing the applicable forms below and returning them to the Student Success Center.

Tutor Application Packet