Bicycle theft prevention

Emergency Contact Information

To report an emergency, dial 612.343.4444 or x4444 from any campus phone.

For non-emergency calls, dial 612.343.4445 or x4445 from any campus phone. 


Preventing Bike Theft

According to the Minneapolis Police Department, thousands of bicycles are reported missing or stolen each year. Only a small percentage of of recovered bicycles are returned to their owners due to lack of reporting or proper identification of the bicycle. Here are some simple and quick valuable tips on how to protect your bicycle:

  • All bikes parked on campus must be registered with the North Central Campus Safety and Security Department. For more information and to purchase a bike permit, please visit the Campus Safety and Security Department in Miller Hall. 

  • Register your bike with the City of Minneapolis here:

  • Lock your bike when unattended. Use a hardened steel U-lock that fits your bike snugly. Lock the bike to something that is stationary. Be mindful of what you're locking your bike to. In Minneapolis, bike parking is not permitted on fire hydrants, garbage cans, old parking meters, traffic lights, and trees. Instead, find a bicycle rack, street sign or a new parking meter to lock your bike to. 

  • Store your bike inside when possible. Indoor bike storage is available in the Miller Hall basement. Remember, to lock your bike to the bike rack!

  • Remove any bicycle components and accessories that can be easily taken. 

  • Report any suspicious activity to the North Central University Campus Safety and Security Department by calling 612.343.4444 or x4444 from any campus phone.


Protect Yourself, Protect Your Belongings. Crime Prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Together, can we keep North Central University a safe campus.