Carlson Hall Chapel

Date: February 19, 2013 - 9:05am
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On February 11th students across North Central gathered with their living areas during the chapel hour. For the residents of Carlson Hall, this took place in the small chapel. Over half of the residents of Carlson were in attendance for this chapel service. The service opened with a time of worship led by 5-East Resident Advisor (RA), Phil Furnish.

Then residents were then given the opportunity to learn more about the seven RAs in Carlson Hall. The chapel service, titled “Q and A: Ask an RA,” focused on hearing the different RAs’ perspectives on life here at North Central. Assistant Resident Director, Saied Sanjari, and Discipleship Administrator, Nic Dyskstra, emceed the event. Residents were asked to text in questions they wished to have answered. Questions ranged from serious questions about spiritual growth to goofy questions about dating the sister floor. Overall, students were given a unique change of pace from the typical chapel service at North Central.