Carlson Hall Patio Party

Date: October 7, 2013 - 10:26am
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As darkness descended over the NCU campus on the evening of September 8, the men of Carlson Hall gathered on the terraced patio behind their beloved residence hall to usher in the new school year with style.  The regular patio furniture was cleared away and replaced by eclectic couches from resident rooms above, all centered around a well-stoked bonfire.  Residents enjoyed fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, as well as iced coffee, lemonade-iced tea, and strawberry-tangerine punch served up by their student leaders turned waiters.  Classy piano music performed by talented Carlson Hall resident Stephen Witt created just the right setting for building new relationships and strengthening existing ones.  

The centerpiece of the event was a brief program led by the Carlson Hall Resident Advisors and Discipleship Leaders.  Using banners, torches, carefully written definitions, and scriptural passages, this dedicated group of student leaders presented the Four Pillars of Carlson Hall: Honor, Devotion, Service, Community.  These virtues have become the aspiration and characterization of Carlson Hall residents for the past seven school years.  With these shared ideals in the minds and hearts of those in attendance, along with the hall motto to “Dare something worthy”, the school year was initiated with great promise and anticipation.