Chapel Schedule

Week: November 23-27

Monday:            Eric Samuel Timm

Tuesday:           Senior Speaker:  Jordan Hemmesch

Wednesday:      Rob Ketterling

Thursday:         Thanksgiving Break - No Chapel

Friday:              Thanksgiving Break  - No Chapel


Week: November 30 - December 4

Monday:            Isis Chapel & Prayer - Allen Tennison, Bob Brenneman

Tuesday:           Student Leadership Chapel

Wednesday:      Gregg Beggs - CoMiss & Render

Thursday:          Christmas Convocation/Advent

Friday:               Dr. Anderson


Week: December 7-11

Monday:             Wayne Matthews

Tuesday:            Engage  Tru-Serva

Wednesday:       College Chapels

Thursday:           NCU Christmas Fun

Friday:                Fall Commencement


Specific College Chapel Information:

College of Missions:               Centennial Hall
College of Ministry:
Pastoral:                                 Loft
Youth:                                     Gym
Children & Family:                  MH247
College of Arts
and Sciences:                          Sanctuary
IBATS:                                     CLC 201
Fine Arts:                                 The Chapel
PSEO:                                       PH117
INDS/AA:                                Join your field one department

Prayer Requests


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