Christian Community Life Standards

The following Christian Community Life Standards have been adopted by the Board of Regents of North Central University. The standards embodied in this policy apply to the enumerated members of the North Central University community, both on and off the campus, and both during the University term and when the University is not in session. Christian life is not a "part-time" endeavor and, therefore, the Christian standards here set forth to apply to all members of the community wherever they may be located and at all times of the year.

At North Central University we strive to combine rigorous academic training with a strong spiritual environment. Students, administration, faculty and staff cooperate to achieve a Christ-centered community where biblical standards are upheld. A personal relationship with Christ and active involvement in a local church are required for membership in the North Central community.

Any violation of these standards is grounds for serious disciplinary action with the possibility of dismissal from the University, dismissal from employment, suspension or such other action as the University deems necessary and appropriate.

Certain practices are forbidden in Scripture and will not be tolerated in the lives of members of the University community. Those practices include pornography, sexual relationships outside of marriage (promiscuity in any form), cohabitation and homosexuality. Also, the University prohibits the drinking of alcoholic beverages, the use of tobacco and non-medical drugs, and gambling in any form. Also prohibited are any form of theft, dishonesty (including cheating and plagiarism) and civil disobedience (except in those rare cases that civil disobedience is warranted by an honestly held religious principle and informed conscience, if such action is taken after consultation with Church leaders). Sinful practices such as jealousy, pride, gossip, slander, profanity, vulgarity and greed are inconsistent with the goals of a Christian life style and are likewise, to be avoided by all members of the community.

Members of the North Central community are expected to practice restraint and discretion in their participation in all forms of entertainment. Nothing should be viewed or listened to which is in conflict with standards maintained by the Assemblies of God. This standard applies to all entertainment, including live theater, dance, television, movie theaters, videos, radio and music.

North Central University encourages all members of the University community to act with discretion in choice of dress. Our standards of dress incorporate obedience to the Biblical principles that we be modest in all things, that we do not offend in any way, and that we glorify God in everything. Our concern is that clothing of all types is characterized by modesty, neatness, cleanliness and appropriateness for a Christian community.

Community life at North Central University should be marked by careful consistent demonstration of Christian love and service to others, concern for evangelism and world missions, honesty, personal integrity, recognition of the rights of others, defense and advocacy of justice and glorifying God in all thought and action. Any type of discrimination against other racial or ethnic groups is forbidden, as is personal or sexual harassment of any nature. The University expects all students, faculty, staff and other members of the University to remove from their behavior, speech habits and thinking, as much as possible, all indication of racial or ethnic bias. Racism in any form will not be tolerated within the North Central University community.

North Central University community life is exemplified by, and takes as its model, the life of Christ. Dedication to the pursuit of excellence, forbearance for one another and daily commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord by continued study and obedience to Scripture in all areas of life remains our guiding light.