Code of Conduct


North Central University Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct

The Higher Education Opportunity Act sets conditions for educational institutions to participate in Title IV programs and requires the development of and compliance with a code of conduct prohibiting conflicts of interest for its financial aid personnel [HEOA § 487(a)(25)].

In accordance with this federal law, the offices, employees and agents of North Central University agree to this code of conduct prohibiting:

Revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender

Receiving gifts from a lender, guarantee agency or loan servicer

Accepting any kind of compensation for consulting arrangements to provide services for or on behalf of a lender

Steering a borrower toward a particular lender

Delaying certification of a loan based on choice of lender

Requesting or accepting any offer of private educational loan funds in exchange for promising a certain volume of Title IV loans or a preferred lender arrangement

Requesting or accepting any lender assistance with call center or financial aid office staffing

Deriving any material benefit (beyond reasonable reimbursable expenses) for serving on a board or commission established by a lender