College of Arts & Sciences Mission Statement with Glossary

CAS mission statement:  “The College of Arts & Sciences prepares students to lead and minister in the marketplace.”

CAS mission glossary:

Prepares: The CAS is committed to academic excellence as it provides students opportunities to develop in a variety of ways (academically, spiritually, interpersonally, etc.).  This preparation demonstrates an awareness of the present marketplace as well as the marketplace of the future.  Preparation occurs in classroom experiences, personal study, internships, mentoring, research activities, etc.  

Lead: There are many ways to interact with the marketplace, including avoidance, participation, communication, working in it, etc.  Students in CAS are being prepared to engage in servant leadership in the marketplace, developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are prerequisites for effective leadership as they advance God’s kingdom. 

Minister:  CAS graduates will see their lives as ministry, with the desire to reflect Christ in all of life’s contexts, demonstrating God’s love and truth in all activities, living out the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.

Marketplace: Where people live, work, learn, develop, recreate, engage in commerce, etc. Where business people, educators, psychologists, social workers, writers, etc. do their living and interacting with others.