Counseling Services

The mission of the Student Success Center is "Seeking to advance the success of all students in all areas." This statement is based on the fact that college life is riddled with so many new endeavors and obstacles, which at times, can compromise every student's desire to succeed in higher education. Sometimes these obstacles may need professional assistance to assist in navigating through or around them.

Counseling is available to all traditional, day-time students currently attending North Central University. The Student Success Center realizes that setting up an apointment in a close community can seem like an invasion of one's privacy. Appointments may be scheduled in person, by phone or email. Students can be assured that appointments scheduled through the Student Success Center will be kept in strict confidence.

The Counseling Center recognizes God’s presence and grace in our lives. We believe that God is fulfilling a redemptive story in each of us and sometimes we need help as our stories unfold. Our counselors are here to support you in your process of healing and growth, as well as to partner with you as you gain new perspectives, insights, and skills in your life.

Counseling is provided in a relational context intended to offer the safety and support needed for healing and growth. This shared counseling experience involves both therapist and student contributions to its overall effectiveness. Our counselors are committed to providing a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment.

All counselors in the counseling center are academically trained and experienced in counseling, and are Christians upholding Biblical standards in their practice. An intake appointment with a counselor can be confidentially scheduled by calling 612.343.5000, or on a walk-in basis.

Some of the issues that the therapist is prepared to address are:

  • Life purpose and direction
  • Making better decisions
  • Adjusting to college
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Low self-confidence
  • Helping or losing a relationship
  • Distressing emotional states
  • Self-defeating behaviors

Confidentiality is maintained for all clients unless:

  • Abuse of a minor is reported or suspected
  • You, the client present a danger to yourself or others
  • You release information with a written authorization
  • A court subpoenas your records

Counseling records are kept by the Student Success Center and are not accessible to other North Central faculty, staff, parents or other members of the community without the student's written authorization. Counseling records are not included in a student's college file. Confidentiality is maintained for all clients as mandated by federal and state laws regarding mental health counseling. For more information, please see our Client Bill of Rights.