Creating a VCS slide

Creating a VCS slide is an easy way to share your message with the North Central Campus Community.  Just follow these three simple steps, and your message will be ready to share!

Step 1: Create your Power Point slide

Create your slide according to what information you would like displayed on the screens throughout campus.  You can use any template you would like. For best results use 4:3 aspect ratio with your slides.  Currently, the VCS system does not support moving/animated slides.  Also, there is no audio currently with the VCS system.

When creating your Power Point slide, there are some things that are good to keep in mind:

a.      Keep it simple: each slide is only on the screen for 5 seconds.  If your message cannot be read and understood by someone in 5 seconds or less, it is too complicated for the VCS screens.

b.      Keep it interesting: most VCS screens are viewed as people walk by.  Make your slide grab someone’s attention by using eye-catching color combinations and graphics.  Be careful not to make it so complex that is cannot be processed in 5 seconds or less.

c.       Keep it relevant: the best time to put up a VCS slide is 1 to 2 weeks before the advertised event.  If the slide is up longer than 2 weeks, people will tend to lose interest and possibly forget when the event is being held.  If it is up for less than 1 week, there is a chance that students might not see it while the other slides are cycling through.

Step 2: Save your Power Point as an image

Before you submit your slide, make sure to save it as an image file. You can save it as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF file.  Although Power Point is the most common form to create these images, other software can be used as long as the final product is a JPEG, PNG, or PDF file.

Step 3: Submit your Image

Once your image is saved, email it as an attachment to  Make sure you list the dates you would like your image displayed on the screens.

If you have any questions about the VCS system, feel free to contact Julian Flores ( or 612.343.5006).