Current Cooperating Teachers

Thank you for hosting a North Central student in your classroom! Below you will find a number of resources to assist you in making your pre-service teacher's experience a valuable one. If you have any further questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Evaluation Forms

All field experience evaluations should be completed through Tk20. It is essential that all evaluations be finished in a timely matter, as the student's grade is dependent on their completion. If you need assistance, you can access instructions for completing assessments in Tk20.

Student Teaching

Payment Authorization Form (Required to receive honorarium)
Student Teaching Handbook

Foundations Field Experience

Final Evaluation by Teacher


Guidelines for Cooperating Teachers

Student Teaching

The student teaching program at North Central University is based upon the principle that theory is most effectively learned when it is linked with practice; therefore, the methods courses are accompanied by clinical experiences in the respective methods areas. Student teaching, which is the culmination of a gradual induction into teaching, is full time (full day, every day) for a total of sixteen weeks. Elementary majors seeking a middle school endorsement will complete a twelve week session at the elementary level and a four week session in grades seven or eight.

In addition to keeping the same schedule as that of the cooperating teacher, the student is expected to participate, if permitted, in all professional activities in which the cooperating teacher engages. It is hoped that the intense, practical nature of student teaching will give the student a realistic pictures of the teaching profession. All of the student's field, clinical, and student teaching experiences are broad, varied, and practical, designed to give the pre-service teacher a variety of experiences with diverse populations, instructional approaches, and curriculum organization.

For specific guidleines regarding the student teaching experience, please see our Student Teaching Handbook.


Each clinical experience consists of time spent in a classroom setting with an experienced cooperating teacher. The clinical students are expected to participate in all areas of classroom responsibility, including teaching lessons to the entire class. The cooperating teacher, along with the university supervisor, helps to guide, assist, and evaluate the pre-student teacher. Clinicals I and III consist of seven full days during fall semester. Clinical II takes place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings throughout spring semester.