Dialing Instructions & Long Distance

Dialing Instructions

Recipient Number to Dial
Emergency/Police/Ambulance 911 (or 9-911)
NCU Security 4445
NCU Receptionist 0 or 4400
NCU Voice Mail 4420
Residence Hall Phones the four digit extension number
NCU Office Phones the four digit extension number
NCU phones from off campus 612-343-four digit extension number (Mensing dorms are 612-752- four digit extension)
Local Calls in 612 area code 9 - number
Local Calls not in 612 area code 9 - area code - number
TTY/TDD Relay Service 9 - 711
Toll-free Calls 9 - 1 - 8xx - xxx - xxxx

Local and On-Campus Service

All phones on campus may be used to call on-campus numbers by simply dialing the four digit extension.

Local calls are free and may be made by dialing a 9, followed by the number. Calls made to numbers with a 612 area code may be dialed with or without the area code. NCU is in area code 612. The Twin Cities region has four area codes: 612, 651, 763, and 952. Most numbers in these four area codes are free local calls (do not dial 1 first).

Long-Distance Calling

In order to place long distance or international calls from NCU’s phone system, please purchase a prepaid card (available at local stores).

Collect Calls and 1-900 calls are prohibited at NCU.

NCU's phone service vendor is Popp Communications.